Monday, October 31, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey feat. Justin Bieber)

I'm sick and tired of all the copyright stuff in Youtube. I can't find any unaltered version of the song so, in order for you to get a chance to listen to the unreleased song, you can download it here:
Before we get into the main course, I shall give you some “little” appetizers first. And before we take a glimpse of that, an appetizer for appetizers, for everyone to know I’m not just a fan of Mariah Carey. I’m passionately obsessed with her. All I Want For Christmas Is You was written by Mariah and Walter way back in 1994 (so it’s basically kind of a classic already but still is very competitive with other recent Christmas songs). She has done, if I’m not mistaken, two renditions of it including her duet with Justin Bieber. You may not know it and it’s probably the first time you would know, that every time Mariah “does” a duet of a song she has previously done alone, she would just cut some portions of it and introduce what is supposed to be inserted there (e.g. Against All Odds ft. Westlife). To make her fans not totally disappointed, she would put some finishing touches (e.g. ad-libs and whistles) and that’s very effective. ;)
Did I just hear Justin Bieber’s voice? He’s totally grown up! And by the way, it’s a good thing because the “lesbian” boy is no longer. (You didn’t remind me of introducing the main course, and this is it!) If you haven’t heard of his first single “Mistletoe” then you would perhaps be very shocked of the great change in his voice. His not-yet-released (winks) album “Under The Mistletoe”, which will officially be released on November 2, was good even though most of the songs I didn’t feel a bit Christmas-y at all. And that’s another very long story. I should write a review of All I Want For Christmas Is You, shouldn’t I? His part in the song he did with Mariah was very bland. Well, I’ve expected so much as everyone else should regarding their endorsements before the song, I mean the leak, finally came out. And I’ve noticed that I didn’t thank you (JB) for sharing your talent through this song so, THANK YOU!
The only major changes I have observed from the previous version (Extra Festive Version from Merry Christmas II You) aside from JB being featured are the intro and the fading last part. Of course, you might hear some very little changes in between but that’s kind of additional melisma and you probably know Mariah for doing that a lot of times and if I do mention them all, I will surely end up with another kilometric post again. If you would be very keen in listening, you could hear whistles in the end and they’re quite amazing! Mariah never really failed to impress me with her ad-lib whistles and by the way, like what she would repetitively mention, they are not ad-libs because they’re somewhat connected to the melody, and tough shit, they really are!!! She really knows where to put airy whistles in order to not sound like they’re all over the place!
It’s not a total disappointment at all. They both have done a great work, acknowledging the very little finishing touches and Mariahisms. Well then, good luck to your next studio album Mariah! Hoping for more phenomenal songs from you.

PS: This is, compared with other posts, somehow not kilometric anymore.

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