Friday, October 28, 2011


I was actually squeezing my brain for whatever creativity that I could probably and accidentally discover with it, trying to unmask the left hemisphere of it which is seldom used aside from writing, which I could no longer detach from it due to its being inherent (Yeah! I’m proud to be a lefty and by the way the hemisphere I’m referring to in here is the right side of my body, you know that probably since Grade 4, just to remind you).

When I eventually get to see that I’m no longer capable of doing it, the inability made me realize one thing. Things are subtle and underestimated these days. I just couldn’t believe that the idea of what was “creative” back when I wasn’t born yet is just common nowadays. It’s like, making this quote, which I really won’t prove to be true neither will I dare, true: If everything is unique, shouldn’t they supposed to have something in common in the first place? People are just after for making something unique every now and then and every time they wake up, making themselves preoccupied with the idea that they should do something different from what others did the previous day. And the worst thing that might happen is being caught up in a dead end, not being able to squeeze something creative in their brains anymore (the thing I’m currently experiencing) and, POOOF! They’re dead…in the dead end!

So perhaps, the idea that I have just raised became the reason why I should also look back to what I’ve done before and not just make infinitely new (and unique) things that could, like what I’ve said, kill me in the end. (I’m exaggerating or just making an excuse rather for not making something new this time) So here it goes. When I have written this very short poem, I can’t exactly remember.

A flock of green birds
My twit is what they have heard
Told the other birds

It’s not that I underestimate your capabilities of reading between the lines, and not that I’m good at explaining things (which I honestly suck at), I just got that urge to explain this in support to the “words” that I would like to impart today (don’t be excited, I’m sure you’ll be just disappointed).

I suppose you know what green means, the one I refer to the color of the birds. You should be thinking of a different thing, the thing that green minds think, which I’m actually thinking aside from the real thing. Oh, that’s sort of a tongue twister already! Plus a bit of information by the way, the thing you’re referring to is not supposed to be “green”. It should be blue. Anyways, what I’m referring to with this green color is jealousy. And basically, if you make sense out of this, it points at the jealous people. I can’t remember if I’ve actually cursed people or anything of that nature at that time. And I’m so sorry for that. I can’t even remember the exact thing that happened.

Back to the main topic, the second and third lines imply a very heartbreaking thing. The jealous birds hear my twit (I don’t even remember if it’s mine that I’m actually referring to the moment I’m writing this). They’ve heard my sound and saw everything I did. And basically, as a normal organism, they told it to their contemporaries, having the same intentions as them – to suck like a leech, or be a parasitic mistletoe as a euphemism. The other things remaining, it’s up to you on how far you think. And I suggest that you should think out of the box. ;)

Let’s say you exactly get the gist of what I’m trying to say, wrapped inside this haiku of mine. The society is indeed very terrible. You need a patent in order to have legal ownership to an idea, and creativity as pointed out at the beginning. That’s why troubles about similarities of ideas in our time are widespread. You can’t point a finger at anyone just because of thinking the same unique (!) idea as yours if you’re not foreign to the word “coincidence”. Well maybe, that person was just making the mere existence of that word as an excuse for not thinking anything unique for once in his/her life and you don’t have the monopoly of ideas in the world. Remember the latter always! So you should be thinking now that creativity is not JUST a simple thing. But I appreciate that it has actually existed. Don’t you think so?

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