Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Kept Silence

(I am not telling you why I've chosen that title. Read the book! HAHA.)

For all to no, this is a book review.

Here I go again. I always easily forget things that I am planning to write because of too much excitement. Well then, it only proves how true and genuine (for me, maybe) my following statements are, actually.

Here’s how everything starts. I was just sitting on a chair in our balcony, not in a normal situation. Why did I say that? (Well maybe, I have just stated my last position, as far as I can remember.) I kept on walking back and forth inside the house, not knowing what to do and finally sat on a chair and breathe in the enthusiasm of my cousin in reading all the heaps books displayed in an organizer outside. (Yes, that’s how we trust our neighbors here.) I scanned all the books, many of them are of Harlan Coben’s. Then I’ve finally got to see the book entitled “Love, Rosie” which will be the main topic of this blog post. By the way, I have no intentions other than to share the experience itself about writing this blog nor do I want to be acknowledged for writing this. Maybe someday I would have got the courage to finally open this to all my friends and family. YAY! ;)

The book was written by Cecelia Ahern, also the author of P.S. I Love You (yes, that very movie that I was just watching with zero comprehension because I don’t have headphones and all), when she was just 24, back in 2005. Apart from the fact that I was just bored with my sembreak, that I have finally got the chance to read a “real” book wholly, and that the author is quite young so I could somehow relate to how and what she writes, the structure of the novel(?) is in fact interesting and not boring. The whole composition itself is made up of all kinds of letters (e-mails, instant messages, old-fashioned letter-sending, greeting cards, post cards, etc.) and not bore myself once in a while because narrative ones actually just put me to sleep.

If you are interested about the book, here’s the plot summary for you to read however you have to take note that reading only this cannot replace the feeling you would get if you read the book entirely.

Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

It is a very EXTRAORDINARY book. Maybe for readers out there, you could probably consider my standards low but I was just proud of myself. LOL. Yeah! It made me smile, laugh, tear (bloody, yeah!), and “kilig” all the time. Just so you know, I have just started myself out.

Destiny has really taken a big part in the story. Destiny. Yes! That woman who is fond of making everyone suffer, hope and regret. Yes! She’s exactly the woman I’m talking about. That hard-to-get and not-easy-to-get-along-with woman!

I don’t know whether it is the author or destiny herself that made me tighten my fist the whole time reading the novel. The author, for writing such an incredible story, and destiny for doing everything, in fact all that you could possibly think about, just to not make Alex and Rosie have each other, well except in the end, which I think all of you could have probably expected from the start, but NO! While halfway, I have got this feeling that they will really never going to have each other in the end and that they were destined to be really JUST best friends. That nervousness I felt, oh I love it!

I have actually established the standard of the worst possible condition that a woman could probably get into with regards to love. And that’s Rosie’s. Having been recently into divorce, the real father of her 13-year old child reappeared after doing all the hardships that a mother could get with taking care of her daughter for the first thirteen years of her life. And the hardest of them all is having a feeling for her best friend kept for decades. Both of them are afraid of saying that (mutual) feeling because they both are afraid of ruining each other’s lives, Alex’s, married and a father of two sons, and Rosie’s, with her dream job. If only the letter Alex has written which what’s-his-name has kept for decades was just read by Rosie in the earliest time, they could have been together since they were 30. But then again, it’s better late than never.

The actual cause of it all is that, if they didn’t just go out the night of Rosie’s sixteenth birthday, then they couldn’t have separated themselves from each other. Oh yeah! That feeling you get when a simple event that could have been this or that way, changed your entire life! What a minuscule life-changing event! But then again, the story couldn’t have been tragic, and that I wouldn’t have been carried away if everything turned out just perfectly. That’s the essence of the story! And you cannot blame the author for that!

I found the last sentences really very sad (and romantic) that I could cry the whole day thinking of it. It’s not the actual words but the sense is that: “They finally get the chance to be together for almost having been through so many wasted years. All they can do is look at each other, and smile.” I AM BROKENHEARTED!!! I’m not happy with the fact that they finally get to be with each other when they are already 50 and to think that they had kept that “loving feeling” since they were 7! Imagine? They are best friends and almost lovers for so many decades! Who the hell could be very happy for that??? But then again, as what the maxim says, “It’s better late than never.”

I’m really recommending the book to all of you who luckily get the chance to read my blog. ;) No words can describe how sad, happy, tragic, funny the story was!!! It’s really fantastic (and not boring). And in my case, I’m already looking forward to the movie version. I could probably watch it several times and get teary inside the cinema also several times. It is just a blissful feeling to watch such an awesome love story!

I couldn't get any longer with this so, this is where I will end my blog. Thank you very much!!! Good luck with destiny, by the way! She’s just there, waiting to be chased. ;D

PS: For the best friends out there, watch out! Your love story could turn out similarly as Rosie's. :)


  1. Mark! Hiii. Hahaha. Wala lang, nabasa ko ni ang book sang una, TAPOS SUPER LOVE KO MAN. <3

  2. Nakakapagpagabagabag damdamin. HAHAHA. San-o pa ni mgwa ang movie version man? I can't wait. :D