Friday, November 4, 2011

If You Could See Me Now

Prior to writing this review (again?), I told myself that I will finish the three other novels of Cecelia Ahern – Thanks For The Memories, The Gift and There’s No Place Like Here – excluding the one I’m going to write a review of, so that I won’t end up giving myself hassles for making reviews for each of them but to somewhat come up with CA’s review of herself as an author but, yeah, I have to admit that idleness strikes, AGAIN. I feel like I’m not going to finish them all knowing the fact that school days are near and the upcoming days will be very (with much emphasis) hectic. However, thank God for He let me finish another (insert all the positives here) story!

You might have wondered what kindles my interest to stories like these. You might be like: he’s so shallow and has poor taste. Aside from the fact that these are love stories and I love love stories, this is one of the very few topics that we (my sister and I) could find interesting to converse with each other. And it’s an effective way to somehow reestablish the bonds we’ve had when we were young.

So let’s dive into the novel because it seems like I’m taking you away from what is supposed to be talked about. The amazing novel I read is entitled “If You Could See Me Now” and was written in 2006. You might already have impressions on how things would run from the title alone. I thought it was sort of a long-distance relationship but I was gladly wrong. The story was way too far from what I have expected.

Honestly, I can’t compare it with the previous novel I’ve read (Love, Rosie) because they’re totally different. Well, not totally at all since they were written by the same author and same style of writing as you would expect. This one does not have the happily ever after!!!

Would you mind if I’ll give you a little summary? Well, I don’t care if you wouldn’t because I’m telling you anyway. This is a story about an imaginary friend named Ivan (will soon be played by Hugh Jackman in the movie version and sanding O for that!) who appears to those who need him. There is this woman named Elizabeth who is in her early 30’s and is taking care of her younger sister’s son named Luke. At first, only Luke can see Ivan but eventually, he unexpectedly appeared to Elizabeth. To give you a little background on why Elizabeth needs Ivan, she was a girl who had many dreams about her and her mother, who left them when she was still young, being happily together. That memory haunts her until he met Ivan and changed her for the better. While in the process, they both fell in love with each other without anyone, except Luke, seeing them. But in the long run, when Ivan has totally transformed Elizabeth into a better individual and doesn’t need him anymore but still has her loving feeling at its climax, Ivan disappeared into thin air to serve other people who are badly in need of someone who could change their perspectives about life – his job as an imaginary friend, not to fall in love.

This story gives us many lessons not only about love but also about life – our perspectives about it. In love, to learn about our limitations and boundaries because we can’t always love for the sake of satisfying what we feel. We should also think about the rules that we have set upon ourselves because these are the rules that we can’t afford not to follow. In life, to appreciate the gift of life, not living it alone because no man is an island. We should not have bad perspectives about it like, “Socializing will only give me problems and it would end up not solving mine at all.” If we have shared our problems with and have received solutions from others, then we shouldn’t hesitate to help them solve theirs. It’s give and take not take and take.

This is a great starter to the whole new semester which is fast approaching. I am about to totally forget those sleepless nights and still-sleepless days I've been in intimate relationship with last semester before the idea of the upcoming semester which brings sleepless nights and still-sleepless days came up. That’s life. It’s like getting a tattoo. We should first get hurt to have something to flaunt to.

PS: I’m supposed to do my, let’s say little brother’s, homeworks (UGH!!!). Since I’m done with this post, I’m off to finishing it. Wish me luck, folks!

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