Friday, December 23, 2011

The Breaking Dusk

Before anything else regarding the movie is mentioned, I would like to stress that we all have a complexity of opinions. And as humans with rational reason, we are all respected for having that ability. As a member of the sapien sapien species (and don’t dare question that!), I, for instance, is definitely permitted to say anything as a reaction to the movie. And to warn you, it would be very violent.

It took me weeks to recover from whatever I am experiencing. And it took me weeks to make this feeling at least settle, thinking I might eventually be glad with the whole thing, but it has shown no signs of sparks, and only Edward did.

Bella here is really pretty [and hot]
The title “Breaking Dawn” is, forgive me for saying, metaphorically incorrect in comparison to my experience with the movie, even the Twilight Saga as a whole. Because, compared with the preceding installments, Breaking Dawn is the most depressingly gloomy of all the overrated, “artificially-lit”, shallow movies even though the name itself implies that we are to expect so much from it, and sad to say, I was disappointedly disappointed.

To tell you, I used to be an avid fan of Twilight before a friend showed a very long (probably a total disappointment at the writer’s side) book review of the five novels. You might think this is kind of bias since she hates the novel and the movie, and I hated her for that. It says, “I forgot I was reading five chapters now and still nothing happens. It feels like reading half of a chapter.” As I think about it, it’s actually just a waste of paper (it could probably be used in some other more important things), spending so many with dry conversations especially those of Edward and Bella. They’re like monosyllabically-speaking teenagers talking just for the sake of answering their parents and not to get their allowance cut for the next day. Can’t the author think of a more elaborate and less boring “side” stories just to make everything lengthy or a brilliant idea, CUT IT SHORT!

I actually understand why others are very much addicted to it since I’ve been there, too (yuck). It seems like a new hobby for them, reading things that are out of academic parameters, well, actually, it really is. To those who curse Stephanie Meyer for making such a bore, I also understand how you feel. It makes me feel like I know everything and no comment for that. J

Since I have already started this, therefore, even though I really hate to, I shall finish it by telling myself that everything’s gonna be okay.

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