Saturday, December 31, 2011

Now That You're Seventeen

Now that the memories of what had happened are still fresh and unfermented, I could now undistractedly verbalize my dedication to the birthday girl, Stella Carmelle Simonio, although I don’t quite think I could make this normally long since gratitude is better implied than put into words.

I’ve really allotted time in making this for this would be my reply to your very cute letter written on a pink piece paper which I still have and also since I might not have the chance to greet you next year (THE WORLD WILL END!). Despite all the glitches, let’s just pray it won’t happen and that we can still celebrate your 18th birthday next year.

How does it feel nearing the edge of your teenage life? Now that you are already seventeen, you must enjoy every minute of being a minor (and that includes breaking the rules, just kidding), since you won’t definitely have the chance do some things you enjoy doing right now. Well, that’s the downside. But we’ve got more advantages that outweigh those.

Though it has been said many times and many ways and somewhat a cliché to some, nothing more meaningful and universal could substitute to this: I wish you all the best things that could possibly happen in all aspects of your life. That includes your family, friends, love life, studies, health and career in the future. What else did I miss? I hope that you are happy with your status right now (I do think you really are) and I wish that you won’t regret every step you take because the best things are those that are unplanned and without regrets.

The best non-material gift I could possibly give you is being a dependable friend, not necessarily a superman-to-the-rescue every time you get bruised or wounded. I’m just a text, a call, a message, a tweet, a chat, etc. away if you feel like getting down on your knees and no one believes in you. I might not be visible on you always but I’ll make sure that the very short presence of mine could somehow compensate all those absences.

Tulog mayo para magtaas ka na. Lablab my small friend. Happy Birthday! 

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