Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Pilomotor Reflex

I was so physically attached to the feeling of having an 8am CWTS class the next day, which, to tell you, I have not attended because of waking up late and when I say late, it’s beyond 10:30 am! With so much attachment, I forced myself to feel a bit sleepy, aside from the fact that it’s already 12 o’clock in the morning and I don’t really have much to do, I actually have not experienced sleeping before 1 am as far as I can remember.

Scribbling random things is not really my hobby. I was in the living room that time supposedly transferring my stenographic Zoo 10 notes to my golden notebook but ended up doodling stuffs. When I noticed that our golden clock says it’s already 12, I rushed down and fixed my things then grabbed my phone. I lit it up and turned off the lights. The lights were also turned off in the kitchen, so I turned it on. When I passed the area where the refrigerator is, I suddenly felt goose bumps rushing over my body. That was so random that I actually didn’t quite think it’s pretty normal to be feeling that. The next thing I know is I already grabbed a glass and half-filled it with water, which in fact is my routine before going to bed. After emptying it, I placed it in the rack and covered it slowly. When I am about to turn off the lights in the kitchen, I was very much troubled with what I saw. The lights in the living room were (still) turned on! I wondered who did it when everyone is supposed to be asleep at that time. Or maybe, I admit that I really have a poor memory, but that time, I was 99.999% sure that I have turned off the lights. As I was comforting myself not to think any further, I have realized that, was the goose bumps I have just felt a while ago related to the turning on of lights? A friend said, maybe, that (person) has passed by you and turned the lights on. That made me feel another goose bumps.

I know it’s too late for Halloween to be telling a scary experience, but it was just not fine with me. Well, it’s actually my dream to see ghosts or anything of that nature (NOT!).

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