Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sincerely, Mark

I’m currently in a position that most of you could probably lose yourselves in. I’m foolishly chasing after the stability I’ve been dreaming of knowing that life is in flux. Different faces of different silhouettes, different plumage of different hues, and different mimicries of different vibrancies I am trying to decipher all the time knowing that the world is full of complexities. The different ensembles that people wear every time they speak to me are currently making the madness in me puff. I don’t know to whom I should entrust my whole personal being.

My faith in you is like a flower with golden petals which deserves to be flaunted. As it is overexposed to the vigilant eyes, that flower has eventually undergone a change in purpose. For it deserves to be flaunted, I can’t blame myself to treat it as a social decoration, I can’t blame myself for its withering away. It’s golden petals started to flail in the wind until it fluttered to the hands of unexpected people. That flower is now dead and its petals, I gave them to others who deserve way too far than you do.

That stability of the people to whom I entrusted my faith I’ve sought upon for years seemed quite impossible to happen. I can’t trust them to keep the golden petals for they might sell them to others for good. And that would be the time when it’s fully torn into microscopic pieces.

PS: I'm getting more metaphorically active as I wake up each morning.

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