Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arsenic Is the Answer

Although the odd tic is provocatively evident, it’s up to you on how you maneuver it. I consider my domain shifting from literary to scientific and vice versa as a mannerism. Inevitably, there are some corpuscular particles that are not fully concealed once I shift from one domain to another and before I know it, my brain is already tarnished and everything’s all over the place!

I’m just trying to prove that the postponement of doing my Chemistry Laboratory reports was not due to some encephalopathy or anything of that nature. Those prions or even the cutest nucleic acid sequences cannot contaminate such sluggish minds like mine. The fact that a Microbiology quiz caused me to bleed to death, contributes to its immunity. The immunity might not be genetically imprinted, but I’m sure, my professor is great enough to cause alterations in my genetic code. That makes him more than a high-energy radioactive material.

Seriously, I’m not productive and I quite hate that considering that 2012 has just kicked off and I already feel like being kicked out. My hands seemed to be vestigial to have preserved the virginity of these things:

  • Zoology 10 (Lab) homework
  • Chemistry 11 (Lab) reports
  • Zoology 10 (Lec) assigned readings
  • Chemistry 11 (Lec) first long exam
  • Biology 20 homework
  • Literature 2 homework
  • Odyssey Map

Uh-oh. I haven’t proved it right, I guess. Can somebody please give me arsenic?

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