Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogable Enough!

Since Miss Eihmile left me hanging on the edge of excitement in watching the movies she let me copy yesterday, she has to recompense me in kind what loss she made. Shall I say it’s not a loss in the first place? I put this first as an eyesore for everyone since this was completely inhumane and unforgivable!

When the three of us hang out, it always turn out to be totally unplanned, and that’s the good thing. Em and Dianne were like two inseparable twins. After their folk dance class, Dianne abruptly told me to come over after my bowling which ended at 2:30 (I don’t believe in neophyte’s serendipity for having three 69 scores. My professor will probably laugh at them). I had to deal with these heads who didn’t even tell me where to go, and that they watched a movie! I told them to watch Manila Kingpin, just out of curiosity and nothing else, but received an unfavorable response and just comforted me to have lunch together. I honestly wasn’t delighted with the idea since these ladies always want something new at the moment every time. With keen deliberations, I have to say, watching a movie would cost less than having an exciting lunch. And it really did!

After over-drowning ourselves to food, durian scent and free internet connection, Miss Em invited us to go to a misplaced carnival. I told her to try the coaster but she insisted the Sea Dragon. To make everything fair and just, we gambled and took recourse to having a jack ‘en poy in front of many people. Imagine how juvenile that was. Since I’m the one who is not gifted with hands of champions at that game, I lost. That was perfectly fine since the vehicle was just coasting for like, twenty seconds? I wouldn’t even adapt my physical and internal organs with the climax, if there is any. That isn’t really a good choice. I speak to those who are planning to try it.

So, as expected, we tried the Sea Dragon. Dianne, as always being the one who is a joy slaughterer, persisted not to take a ride. If not because of losing the game and being true to my pledges, I would have also preferred not to. We were all excessively full and if ever we would vomit, never mind how much would that be. The whole experience was like a bloody tickle to my intestinal membranes!

Look what we have got for you!

Queen of Hearts, if you need a pig, I'm here.

So this was sort of my revenge to you for the injustice of delaying my review for Zoology long exam last time. Coincidence? I think not. HAHAHAHA! Good luck for the endeavor this Monday, lovely friends!


  1. These pictures are really sweet! And the article itself is marvelous, that was really exciting to get to know it. Thank you for such a charming blog, I think it's a great one.

    1. I haven't put on some updates for a while, though. Anyways, thank you for the appreciation! :)

  2. OMG! My face hahahaha. (I am supposed to be making the intro for our mangrove lab report)