Thursday, January 19, 2012

But Then Again...

Trying to somehow fit blogging into my very tight schedule is really that risky, but relieving at the same time. And I noticed that its pace continues to accelerate and now, this post, I consider to be somewhat far since I did my recent one. Many things happened these past few days and I have to tell it chronologically. 
  1. All the white hairs are starting to pay off. I can see progress in Bio 20! It’s one of my favorites, but I don’t know if it’d continue being at the zenith. It’s like something that you have faded your ass out to the point of vigorously ripping your bluebook shortly after it was returned and not even looking at the scores. But I was wrong. It was something to be happy about. 
  2. My Chem 11 LE result is finally out! Like most of us, including those who sincerely pretended, I found the exam tough, and this thing even went tougher when I've realized a very major mistake and I shall not keep on telling it because it only makes me dumber every time I do that. Actually, I’m slightly near the passing score. And that was quite close! Since then, Chemistry had consistently topped the list of the subjects I've got that fondness to abolish.
  3. Seriously at this point of time, I feel like becoming a doctor. My Zoo 10 professor turned my calligraphic handwriting to elephant doodles (I’m not sure if elephant would be an appropriate word). Did I hear a loud “YEAH” from people who can relate?
  4. Just out of the blue, people started to trust me. The reason why they’d pushed me to join a quiz bee doesn't seem to be apparent. I even thought it was a group battle or something but it was an individual contest! I was like… (speechless) My only goal was to not get humiliated and thank God again, to the crowd, I wasn't. But to my Bio 20 professor who happened to be one of the judges right in front of me, I was. I really was! He made most of the questions and missed many of them. The thing is, we discussed them in class!
  5. Thinking too much about doing a thing often makes its undoing. So now, I’m overthinking about what my future will be like. And as late as now, I’m thinking of whether to push everything through or just quit. I’m thinking about my convenience as well as my family’s. To them, I turned out to be someone who exactly knows what’s best for me by rejecting what they always suggest. They do not know how bothered I am now for weighing unmatchable things. I’m trying to somehow consider their option and as well, mine. That was an old issue. But it never was for me. And it is stressing me out!
  6. And finally, UPCAT 2012 qualifiers, congratulations! To those who didn’t make it, UP is not everything. It’s not the end of the world yet, although you feel like it is now. It will eventually subside. In the end, it’s still how you continue fighting that matters most and not just how you fought.
They say, entering a certain field God has somewhat given you talents at, does not really give you any challenge at all. It doesn't spice up your life. There are really people who are after for a roller coaster ride in their life. I say, before you think of that, don’t just consider a four-year or so plan, but how happy will you be like in the end. Self-satisfaction is all that old people seek for still.

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