Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Catch A Friend's Ass

I have recently indulged myself with sources of inspiration in forms I’ve never expected my mind could ever take in, digest, and metabolize. It makes me say, “That was so not me!” Despite this alienated personality, I could barely judge it as something to be thankful of or not.

Throwing back ideal answers to a question, “How much could you sacrifice for a friend?” does not solely guarantee a genuine bond in the relationship you have. Yes, it makes your friend look lenient, generous and all other descriptive terms associated with martyrdom that you could think of. Everyone of us would love to have a friend who could walk or even drive us home, who could do us massage after a long strenuous day, and who would have that kindness to carry our things when they’re all over the place. Kindly check whom you are with. You might have randomly grabbed someone who is offering an escort service.

Now I speak to those pathetic people who consider friendship as a charity. There is no such title as “Philanthropist of the Year”. I mean, you are not a bad friend. In fact, you’re good; too good, even. You are just slightly deviating it from how it should technically be. And if you love “The Road Not Taken”, just don’t mind that crap; it’s not universally applicable! It’s time for you to wake up, splash your face with cold water and take my challenge. Why don’t you speak to your friend, never mind about the awkward moments during and after the process, and ask: “Can you sacrifice as much as I can?” If you see a deep reluctance in the eyes, it’s time for you to think it over, and understand.

And to those people who take advantage of their martyr and ever-forgiving friends, you have to be thankful and feel lucky for the gift. If it’s really to preserve the relationship that you desire, then you might have taken a wrong path.

With the things I professed, I can’t consider myself as a perfect friend who knows how to not meddle with these extreme conditions for I sometimes feel like belonging to both. Sometimes, it’s hard to play safe because you’ll end up with nothing. But in friendship, you have to sit in between of these two chairs, not to just fall in spaces in between alone, but to fall in spaces in between with someone who is there, ready to catch your ass before it hits the floor.

PS: This was inspired by Life As We Know It

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