Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who Is That Lucky Person?

I can now feel the accelerating hecticness of my satanic school days. God must have exclusively planned these days fussily making my week’s duration similar to my whole Christmas vacation. *a screeching sound all of a sudden* Delete everything! I noticed that I’ve been blogging my unworthy whining; after all, it is me who will eventually be depressed and no one else will seem to care.

My dwelling place was unluckily situated in an inaccessibly remote area, obviously far from Miag-ao. That’s the most apparent reason why I rented a flat (functionally, but not really physically) and to the extent of my being anti-social and willingness to preserve my privacy, the occupancy of the room was limited to me and myself only. My room has got what all the dormers have been dreaming of, silence. I don’t know if it’s a kind of sorcery or what but every time my watch hits nine at night, I get hellishly sleepy! I know it’s superficially healthy, but academically not. That’s why I go home every time I have long exams or some important things to do the next day. That was last semester.

Now, I got tired and would like to withdraw myself from it now. So to the fulfillment of my Christmas wish (a decent internet connection), I told my mom to give it up in exchange for an internet connection at home. It’s been two years since I last consider myself as contentedly happy with my life in the cyber world. Back then, my mom would tell me she would reconnect our internet connection as soon as possible, since that was summertime and she told me I don’t have much to do with it yet. How depressingly awesome was that?

So now I come to you with open arms. I posted this to hopefully come across a person who has enough experiences with internet connections or stuffs like that and who could tell me what’s the best(!!!) home broadband now.

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