Friday, January 27, 2012

I Want to Be a Doctor!

I consider it a lie when somebody says: “a cordial compliance with life’s instructions”. I mean, it has brought us to a coliseum ready for a gladiatorial combat without any weapon or even just a thoroughly rolled cheat slipped into our socks. Therefore, we just got to give it a blow at any directions we want. Life doesn’t care about vectors and how we manage to not confuse ourselves with it. All it cares about is our resultant—where we are at the end of the day.

My confusions used to prick me consciously every single day. If my brain has a brake, I would’ve stopped it from thinking about stuffs that seemed to be still irrelevant. In relation to the first paragraph, I would have bumped it into every thing I come across. Who the hell would care about it anyway? Life doesn't have any instruction at all! But still, I’m very thankful that I didn't take an easy way out because if I did, it must have been broken into unimaginable pieces now. Most of all, I shouldn't have seen myself change dramatically, which I could metaphorically translate into watching cherry blossoms fall.

What change am I talking about by the way?

You know, things are not quite consistent and are not even entering such phase in its life cycle. Before this solid decision that I've come to establish, I wasn’t really that sure where my track is leading me. My trail is that vivid but what the carefully planned decisions are for if not even knowing where to go in the first place? And now, I am proud to say that the cloud of confusion covering me up from being sun-dried and getting an anti-sterility tocopherol vitamin has now precipitated! I am now 99.99% sure of what to be and how to lead myself in pulling it off. Wish me luck in my major undertaking, folks!

PS: If ever I won't make it, don't think that I haven't tried my best and bled to death.

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