Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paralleled Events

He should have distributed these pieces of paper while we were still inside the multi-cab. But nonetheless, I must not strain my very few ATPs which are nearing the edge of total eradication. After an early morning ride and waiting for some glorious miracles which could bring me directly to my seat in AV106 at the speed of light, that guy gave me this piece of paper in which was written a, forgive me for saying, immensely distracting line:


I mean, seriously, what exactly is your intention? Is it to inspire people or to scare the hell out of them?

That’s another story.


I thought my day would turn out just perfectly fine. I was in fact confident that it would, since not only that I found myself a bit more productive than I did in the second long exam, my last (at last!) long exam in Bio 20 wasn’t really that morbidly bloody compared to the recent one.

And here comes the ever-killjoy Chemistry Lab again. It’s always the most irritatingly strenuous of all my subjects. I feel like being punched to death every time we finish a single experiment. Good thing I enjoyed titrating, back-titrating and titrating again. The sweat, the jitters, and the horribly repetitive “Ara na!” lines finally paid off. We achieved probably the least pink possible! Standing O for that, please! PLEASE!

I was supposed to call that a day already. I didn’t mind thinking about how I would perform in what was speculated to be the quiz in Zoology. We previously discussed about platyhelminths, nematodes, annelids, echinoderms, arthropods and mollusks. I loved taxonomy when I was in high school and I still love it despite the scratch-on-the-iPhone-screen glitches. I’m sure you know how vast that topic is and I’m also pretty sure that you know what to expect regarding the terms, the Binomial nomenclatures and stuff like that. I was about to quickly ascend to heaven just to thank the gods for giving me such a wonderful day when a familiar line gave me a serious heart attack which disappointingly stopped me from doing so. And that was, “Get a one-fourth sheet of paper.” I felt like crying while answering those seemed to be alien things I’m hearing.

It didn’t actually take five minutes since I received that piece of paper. That was exactly six hours and thirty minutes.

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