Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Castaway

Let’s talk about inconveniences for a while. It’s not because of certain reasons… like (I don’t want to tell this at first and don’t want to tell that I don’t want to in the first place) some sort of inappropriate diva-ish things that just came on my way which didn’t even inform me beforehand and I still think it’s an improper etiquette. Certain things that, let’s say, once felt critically needed and felt exactly the same thing on the rest of the moments which in fact is a lie and I know everyone would agree with this. I was talking about the indeed hassle-free UPV Computerized Registration System! The statement before this is a sarcasm, just so everyone knows. Of all the hopeful almost-registrants, I thought I had to go through this the hardest and the most elementally destructive way.

I want everyone to know that we just had our internet connection installed today, and implications? I had to write more frequently this March! I was idle last month just like how bland my academic life was. So to the extent of compensation, yeah, I can do this!

When everything that happened after an uncertainly planned event did not match the thin line of consideration you had as an expectation, what would you do? Cry for it? Whine for it? Because if you are curious of what I felt, I felt very much happy! Well it’s actually quite a different thing considering that if everything would not match your expectations, it’s still your gain. And as a natural phenomenon, a feeling of euphoria is undeniably dominant.

Yesterday (March 3, 2011 NOTE: Happy birthday Eunice! If you didn’t receive my birthday message, I told you I will just keep up with you very soon. Love you! ©) we went to Taklong Island in Guimaras, a reserved Marine Biological Station exclusively owned by UPV. This was required for our Zoology 10 Laboratory classes as an alternative for the ecology and taxonomy part. I heard cool impressions from people before, so yes, I admit, I expected a lot. Here are some of the intermittently shot flicks we have got.

Truth be told, I am kind of worried of how my life in it will be in next two years during our summer Field Biology classes considering it will not only last for two days like what we just had, but months! Yes, months! This is life with limited water supply, no cellular phone signal thus the internet connection, unavailable wants, if ever you wanted pork adobo and it’s as cold as hell! I can’t. I really can’t! It’s just a torture for students.

Talking about the brighter side, I really had a great time and experience. That was one of a kind.

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