Sunday, March 11, 2012

When Time Forces You To Choose

Remember when I told you that I've still got lots to do (academically unrelated stuffs) when the going gets tough and I can't bear it anymore? I don't know if it's a healthy and effective practice of mine but one thing I'm sure of is I've got to realize what to prioritize despite the innumerable obligations in this certainly uncertain life. And I'm up to at least make sense out of it and this is it!

There's nothing else I can say, eh! I've just got to elaborate my birthday message written on that red piece of paper.

Being eighteen is definitely the biggest and the grandest turning point of our lives. The phases before and after this point are pretty unmatchably dissimilar. You've got a juvenile immature phase on one side and a completely grown and liberated phase on the other. But let's just take it as the average or let me say as a highly un-euphemized term, typical. You can choose to be one of it or prefer to deviate yourself from what is considered as "typical".

You can't really be pressured because you don't have to be pressured. There are a lot more pressures in your life than just this ( I don't know). There are no expiry dates for being immature (since being mature requires certain undesirable stuffs). "You can't always be young but you can always choose to be immature."

Be who you are and don't disguise as something you know you can't take the consequences of when time comes and when it unexpectedly barge into your collapsible door and the slap all the pieces out of you. That's funny why people do that. So don't make me laugh!

Promise you won't change because we love just the way you are!

Happy 18th anniversary Eunice Porquez!

This is so embarrassing! (facepalm)

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