Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Few Days

Everything has just sunk in recently. Roughly two days from now, I'll be in complete desolation. I'll be leaving my beloved hometown on Thursday and it's sad to imagine since I'll be gone for more than a month (plus nobody's going to collect me to the airport) and will be missing many celebrations especially on May (i.e., outings, my uncle's, my brother's and my cousin's birthday, and of course our town fiesta and all the celebrations before it). That's somewhat the peak of my summer vacation every year. I have just realized that there's actually no more turning back. This is it!

Help me in praying that we may find the light and be enlightened by it. So far, I've been so nervous about this very risky step I am making. I haven't planned about this long-time. But how can you know that there's actually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you're not taking risks of finding it? It's comparable. I'm hoping that they'd be parallel somehow, that this is going to be a successful one.

To those who are confused, give me a high-five!

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