Thursday, April 5, 2012

She Hit My Achilles' Heel With A Whisper

Due to my very overwhelming desire to keep this page a little bit up for some dynamic and periodic changes, I did a little polishing with the layout and the contents as well. And while waiting for Glitter to finally download (I'm so sorry Mariah), I became a bit hyperactive to at least start in an informal way this blog post of no particular relevance until I doubted that I could make a relevant one which I actually could. (If you wonder why I've got the guts to wait the movie to download all night, and I have just started at about an hour ago, is because, oh well, Smartbro's somehow smart these moments when everyone's asleep and no one could bother you unless your kill-joy mom would shut the main switch. And prolly, that's the worst thing ever!)

Funny how I cursed her for posing like this
when I was young. I hated her then.

I hope I could make a review of this in the future. Maybe not now since I'm still waiting it to be fully retrieved. Nevertheless, I was a bit nostalgic this evening. I was longing for those times when my obsession with Mariah Carey is at its peak. That was really climactic. I think, I watched almost all her videos in YouTube (live performances, music videos, animations, compilations, lyric videos, etc.). Maybe the only thing that would trigger myself to just give in with a certain video is when it's restricted to my current location.

I watched her live performances and acapellas just a while ago and they melted my heart. I thought for a moment, that could it ever be that, with all her riches, could she still own the voice she once had? Truth be told, although most her fans always consider her comebacks as "Oh well, the voice is back!" and all but let's ponder upon it for a while, will it ever come back? Will the unstoppable Mariah who doesn't mind of her superficial being but just how she could inspire people with the dream come back? I hope so in her next studio album.

I'd really love to meet these Mariahs—the chaste, skinny, big-voiced, and big-haired Mariah.

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