Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey Stelly, it's your eighteenth anniversary! I hope you're happy now despite the very ironic celebration alongside your special day. Who cares by the way? It's your special day! And people know they're eighteen  only once in their lives and how special this day is. So, CELEBRATE!

I'm proud to say (and you should be, too. lol), with all honesty, that you're one of the very few people I consider closest to my heart's atrium. When we first met, I don't know why I quite felt that light with your company, although you might not notice that when you insisted to play a game with me the first day we were seatmates (though I wasn't paying that much attention to it). And now that it's your special day, now that I'm not there, all I can do to compensate all these unavoidable factors, is to make you happy in any special way that you deserve.

You know me well. So I guess you know how inexpressive I am with everything. Yes, nearly everything. So I've got to say my message very briefly, but concisely.

Last year, I said that, with all the fresh faces you would see on the way, with all the hands that would ask you for friendship and help you when you fall, all I ever asked is for you to think of me, or at least us, who've gone through a lot of things, and I'm not going to enumerate them all 'cause I know you promised me not to forget at least one of them.

This year, since this is a lot more special, I want to warn you and to promise you something.

The Warning.

Since this is your first year of being a legal citizen, it's inevitable that you might feel nostalgic about being a minor some times. So, I'm warning you not to commit something when you know you're not capable of its consequences. There are a lot of advantages of being legal, really. But the disadvantages outweigh those. You might feel at times that it's better to be a minor. But since there's no more turning back, you've just got to prevent yourself from feeling this longing.

The Promise.

As a friend, a major requirement is for me to be always there, the most frequent that I could. Since "A true friend is not like the rain that pours and then goes away. A true friend is more like the air. Sometimes silent, but always there." I know that you have already helped me a million times with your comforting words, and as a pay for that gratitude, I'll be there, not necessarily to mend those bruises and cuts you get from a very demanding day in the wilderness (just kidding), but to at least give you courage and and be your rock to fight through everything.

I want you to keep this smile and seal it inside a box. Wear this when we meet fifty or so years from now.

You can download the HQ version here

Love you with all my ©

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