Wednesday, December 5, 2012

*coughs dust*

I was quite confused on when to write stuff, again, but there’s one thing I’m sure of—that I’m never going to put an end to this vice. Ever.

So how does this post go? Randomly, so that there’ll be at least something to follow up my previous July post? Well, honestly, part of it, yes. Hahaha!

Thank God classes were suspended; I was able to reinvent this blog a million times. Last time, the theme (I didn’t know there’s such thing) was overly-caffeinated coffee, metaphorically speaking, I wanted to talk about restlessness in school, at home, and everywhere I go since that time was the perfect moment to be whining about it. And now, (oh come on, drum roll please) it’s rainbow (UPDATED: Well it's not anymore.; though I would still adhere to the previous one)! I know you’re thinking that I’m a boring shiz and all right now, but would you like me to continue the monotony? I think that’s more boring. So let's say, we have to settle for the less unlikely.

Hopefully (and I’m really holding on to that faith to death), I’d be able to share in here my different sides, my different colors from the most vivid to the darkest ones. I hope I'd be able to harmonize and make the most out of them like the rainbows, although made up colorful scales, we are still able to view them entirely and not individually.  And why am I explaining myself in the first place? Shouldn’t you be the one who’s supposedly doing that job?

I missed a lot of opportunities to share with you things like Mariah’s new song “Triumphant” and my probable review about it, my birthday messages to lovely people, my euphoric feeling at the end of the semester, my semestral break, the new member of our family, Baby Apollo (©), and everything I forgot to mention, and mind you, they’re really countless.

Some people right now are homeless, some are missing, and some passed away. Some of them are afraid. I pray to God that He may keep us safe all the time. He may give us a peace of mind so we can sleep through soundly tonight.



  1. Rainbows are God's sign from the covenant he made to man that he shall never again destroy the earth :> Parang timing din sa so called end of the world churva nila