Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sex and Introversion: Who Would've Thought?

Visualized initially, I hoped my Christmas vacation would be quite ecstatically filled with intimate newly-installed Adobe Photoshop CS6-owner relationship, but was disappointed. Happily.
So far, I’ve spent my Christmas break without any hint of academic stuff in my mind as I woke up each morning with the sun so high. Results? I haven’t done a thing in my to-do list. I have like, four chapters and a magazine article to read, a hundred of plants to draw, a bunch of powerpoint presentations to study, a computer assignment to work on, a report of never-ending information to do, a couple of long exams to be troubled about and here I am. Have I missed anything? The well with you teachers, I’m enjoying my break!

Led by this independently evolving sessile condition, I have several movies in my watchlist. Of course I am not mentioning everything here, but I’ll just talk about two films I just watched this afternoon.

Drum rolls.

American Pie Reunion and The Perks of Being a Wallflower!

I stopped watching American Pie* after the fourth (Band Camp) because the next three are quite heavy and the cast is no longer fun, well, for me. American Reunion, an alternate title, brought to me a very nostalgic feeling. You know what’s ironic in American Pie? They’re initially very naughty and sexually inducive, but in the end they’ll slap you with a saying that stabs you in the heart: sex is not the most important thing at all. It tells you what sex can’t give you, what sex can destroy, and what sex prevents you from getting. It tells you how temporary it is—a lot of morals, really. So are we ready to show it to kids?

The next one has been in my watchlist for a long time already. I just can’t find the right time because I’m always mentally caught up. I was planning to buy the book, but was always problematic about, you know—just a totally perfect condition.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower**, I could say, is very intrinsically significant to me. Not that I was molested or mentally disturbed and a wallflower myself (this, I could say I probably am), but this movie gives me a little faith in myself—a faith you never thought to come from people of different densities put together in a single solution. It’s rather important to have at least someone who understands you because you can never argue with yourself and understand it at the same time. You will always need someone.

The movie was so good it makes me disgrace myself for not watching it in cinemas.

The plot was quite a hands-down genius, though the cast is too handsome and commercially-driven. I hope to read the novel in the future. I heard it’s epistolary, so I think I could find it interesting.

I’m optimistic now that this would be my last entry for December because I can see that there are a lot of things under the blanket. I used to cover them and pretend they don’t exist, so I’m kind of messed up right now.

*  ©Universal Pictures
**©Summit Entertainment

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