Sunday, February 10, 2013

To Be Saved From A Quicksand

For quite some time, I finally feel my life’s a bit shellac-glazed—emancipated, that is. Days—no, weeks—have gone and within that time frame, it’s actually evident in any form (i.e., pictures, tweets, fb statuses, etc.) that my sanity had caved in and my body captured by an artificial quicksand someone has purposely snared before my saving grace has shined on me. It’s like a pen light some million light years away, but still, it’s light.

Say I was thrown in a scene wherein people are doing things I am supposedly doing and all I did was stop for a “while”, refuse to digest the reality of the moment and prefer, nevertheless, to fool myself that I have done everything I am expected to do. Which is actually a consolation. A false consolation. Still, there’s like some biologically-implanted spring at my back and every time I try to escape, I keep coming back and it hurts me more than moving on.

I apologize for the late dissemination of the news that we had our little version of Hunger Games in Taklong Island last Saturday. And we almost died. Actually, we almost killed each other. This was a requirement for our laboratory in our Plant Systematics course. I thought it’d be very fun at first. I was right, until about 10 minutes after we set foot on the cruel sands of the island. We were required to gather six (yes, six) rare plant species including a unique, in searching of which the real games commenced. And it did not end there. We were given a purposely-induced staple source of our entertainment which came in a form of a software which we used to identify the plants according to their families by keying in their characteristics, and of course, since some of them were not available, the source of our instincts shifted to our guts. By then, a subcategory of the games, I called “Guess Your Family Game”, began. That’s quite an exciting game, to be honest. Especially when almost 90% of your classmates already identified eight species including four uniques and you were left with no choice but search the whole forest again. Alone. I almost drowned myself the way Anticlea did.

It gave some of us, including me, a hangover. I tend to classify every plant I see according to their families. I just tend. I don’t usually succeed. It takes years of continuous exposure to the wild in order to even blindly classify the plants. In our case, it’s just days, and we’re expected of it, still. Great.

I’ve got some pictures to somehow equilibrate the feel. Again, I apologize.

Just us, in a normal "sane" day


  1. BitchWhoBitYouHarderThanExpectedSORRY!February 11, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    I enjoy reading your blog MJ! Always! Hahaha. Such potential! B)

  2. Awwe. Thanks really. :-) Despite your canines leaving an irremovable mark to my arm. Tsk "Mumbo Jumbo will voodoo you. Mumbo Jumbo will voodoo you." Hahahaha!

  3. Get ready for more MJ! HAHA next fieldtrip will be like Jurassic Park na.