Monday, April 22, 2013

Attaching an M.D. To Your Name

(This may be a hasty generalization (exception goes to those who don't consider it) but it's "unusual" for a blogger to be advertising another blogger—I don't particularly find it unusual since I'm doing it sometimes—because of appreciation. I started blogging because I thought this might add to the very few mature things I did in my life, but to discover that this place is still filled with (I did my best to find a suitable euphemism, but I failed. If you have something in mind, please inform me right away) immature stuff, I tried to think again for a second. I'm trying to be optimistic, though.)

When I applied for UPCAT three years ago, we had quite a hard time on discussing what course I should take. Since I said I wanted to be a CPA Lawyer when I was in third year high school and it was (and still is) a dream of everybody in the family to have a CPA, they forced me to write BS Accountancy as my first choice for a course in UP Visayas. With unexpected turn of events (until now, I still remain clueless), I suddenly wanted to take up Biology, since I honestly love Biology. But then again, I also love Math, Physics and Greek mythology, but I can't imagine myself taking them seriously and having a career related to them. I also considered someone to splash my face with cold water if ever I flunked, but I didn't. Thank God!

Until now, I'm suffering the consequences of putting BS Biology as my first choice. Every semester since first year, they always ask me, "Are your grades enough to consider you eligible to shift to Accountancy?" Of course, I answer them with a melancholic heart, "Hmm, I think so." Sometimes, I wished I didn't tell them how my performance was so I wouldn't get the same comment every time. But who can contain such excitement? After all, they'd still know, by hook or by crook.

Since I'm already taking up this course and it's too late to shift, I would say, I'd most probably enter Med school. My childhood dream was actually to become a teacher. And to become a Biology teacher is a perfect career, at least for me. But I had to suppress this desire since they didn't want me to take up this course in the first place. What more if I decided to become a teacher?

In order to be lost in inconsistent and impermanent reverie, I decided to find inspirations. Of course, who among the students who plan to take up medicine don't have UP Manila College of Medicine as one of their dream schools? As my college years come to close very quickly and knowing that this dream is as surreal as what-is-the-probability-of-having-two-moons-hanging-up-the-sky, I also considered some alternatives. To be honest, it's only an alternative.

I found a blog of a neurosurgeon whom I consider one of the perfect sources of inspiration.

- In this blog entry, he said that he wanted to become a doctor because he wanted to become a doctor. The reason could actually be as simple as this, only that people misunderstand it sometimes. "Walang maling dahilan. Ang problema ay nag-uugat sa kawalan ng kasiguraduhan." There are no right or wrong reasons (to become a doctor). The problem lies on one's uncertainty.

It made me realize that taking up medicine is not the kind of decision you make first thing in the morning. If you have made up your mind, think again. If you have arrived at a conclusion, think again. If you're quite ready, answer this: "Why do you want to be a doctor?"

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