Thursday, April 25, 2013

Changing your text decoration

This is a little tutorial of my own discovery. *wink, wink* Actually, I have already tried this before, but it's only during this time that I find it quite legit.

Do you hate the underline text decoration whenever your pointer hovers on a certain link? The easiest solution for that would be to change your theme. What if you love your theme very much and you wouldn't risk finding another one just because you hate the text decoration of the link?

We can do a little tweak on the html!

Log-in to your blogger account, click Template>Edit HTML

You can now see the codes of your template. Click anywhere inside the codes and search (Ctrl+F) for  a:hover { and you should see something like:

If it does not appear, keep pressing the ENTER key until you find it. Change the text decoration to none. Mine's already set to none, but apparently, you should see there underline.

You're done! Very simple, right? If you have questions, you can ask me!

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