Friday, April 12, 2013

Mocking Life With Respect

If you look very closely, I haven't been talking much about my grades—this is to mean in public (but not to mean otherwise much) and well, today since today is the deadline of submission of grades—which is quite a change. Mind you, there's nothing really interesting to talk about. Let's say it's like adding insult to injury whenever I speak of or brag about it (the latter being highly arguable).

This ghastly semester had been something which I really prepared for emotionally, but, however, turned out to be overrated. At least for me. Overrating, as it could be applied to everything—yes—leads to disappointments. To frustrations. To despair. Good thing, my New Year's resolution saved me. And it's too late to be still explaining it.

When I become a teacher (considering the mischief of life), I'd continually reiterate to my students that outsiders, which include those that are not in the same position as yours, are in no way more rightful than you to dictate what you have to do and what road to take. *recites Robert Frost's famous poem* It is your life. It may be such an ambitious thing to conceive, but never less worthy to fight for. Most of all, it makes you grow as a (complacent) person.

I have enjoyed this semester with the most amazing bunch of teachers one could ever have. For once, at least, I have considered that this has been a perfect semester had it not for... well, nothing actually.

No sweet-lemoning. No sour-graping. Just gratitude and happiness not to be both contrasted, but the juxtaposition of which is something enough to go on with life.

Thank you Lord and to those who has been a part of this semester.

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