Monday, May 6, 2013

I ain't too old for this

I went to UP Miagao early this morning to undergo physical examination. It felt like months since I last visited my school! Most parts of the road were under construction and it really baffled me. Earlier, I promised myself to arrive before 7:30 so I would be able to go ahead first (or at least ahead of Anne since we made a deal, haha). Thankfully, I was still one of the firsts—the fourth, in fact. It was Monday, I only realized then, and UP offices were closed, so consequently, my plans were all wiped out. But then, Steph's, too. *evil*

Hurriedly, I rushed to the city because I could sense that she was having a pamwersa moment and I didn't know what this woman could do. She might drown herself in frappuccino at Starbucks. She might choke herself. None of these actually struck me at that time, but it's still quite embarrassing as a friend, you know.

I kept her company for an hour before Albert and Dianne arrived. Luckily, she missed me more than she wanted to butcher me, so her first reaction was not of rage but of disgust. This is how she normally feels when we haven't met each other for a long time. So it's still a good thing, relatively speaking.

"Is that Daisy?!?!" I almost shouted it. Her picture was the first thing I saw when we went to the cashier. They put the stand in the middle so that anyone can see it first even before people buy their tickets. I just couldn't contain my excitement, though I have already seen these pictures of them several times in the internet. But the presence of a tangible photo quite too much for a life size means that it's coming very soon! It's coming very soon in theaters!

I didn't know if they've been there for a long time, but what the hell. I'm so glad Albert's with us to take these pictures. Thank you again!

This man is still great even he's not Jay Gatsby.

With Nick Carraway, the great narrator.

Carey Mulligan, please don't disappoint us. I'd like to preserve
my optimism 'til the end.

Despite the excitement I felt, I still managed to watch Iron Man 3 (which was our main purpose by the way) and you know . . . concentrate. Steph and I—both of us hadn't watched the previous two installments—were seated beside each other. Although knowing we didn't have the ability to answer our own questions, the both of us still repeatedly asked each other: "Ano kuno?" "Ngaa amo na siya?" while the two were having some interesting conversation regarding the movie. I was like, I can sense a little monopoly of information here. In spite of it, I was still able to get the gist, somehow. Somehow.

That's all. Thank you guys! I really missed you.

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