Thursday, May 30, 2013


School rush is in the air again! Close to a week and we will all have seen grumpy faces by then. It’s a really major adjustment for people who hadn’t taken their summer classes because they have to relearn things like writing fast and legibly at the same time. It’s a skill you develop through constant exposure to professors who are so unstoppable during lectures. And it hurts more than taking down notes to see them actually enjoying.

I remember this time last year; after finishing my summer classes at UP Manila, I only had a week free while most of my classmates were reconsidering to extend their summer vacation and never mind that it was nearing June. I still can’t imagine how I was able to get through it and be so reckless. However, on the brighter side, I only took three units less than the normal load, but didn’t, most of the time, feel that much alleviation.

Before the school year commence, I really need to get my phone fixed. To have been living an intimate life with microscopes, a phone or a decent camera is a staple commodity. I was so lucky that we hadn’t taken much about microscopy (or anything that hugely required a camera) in Plant Systematics when my phone finally gave up, unlike in our Invertebrate Zoology course when all you had to do for the whole laboratory period was to hoard all the slides (and intentionally not return those of single specimen so you’d be the only one who could benefit from the rarity) and take pictures of them under the microscope. Honestly, it’s one of the very few core courses that I love (if you would include Calculus in it) because I find it very interesting and relevant and our professor was extremely dedicated and meticulous on the course but not the type that would impose utmost intimidation and fear. Our laboratory exams exhausted all possible questions in a single specimen, so if you didn’t have any hint of what it looks like or at least a picture of it, you would surely write the most ridiculous answers out of compulsion. I think my professor enjoyed checking my blue books. There was also a time when we had one-on-one exam. We were required to identify parts of jellyfishes and corals. This time though, there’s no room for ridiculous answers. You would single-handedly lose your dignity and embarrass generations of your offspring if you mention or point out, let’s say, a crack or dust on a slide. Don’t worry, it’s already the worst that anybody could do.

It’s really important to have a camera close at hand, let alone next semester when we will be taking Microbiology. To Biology students reading this, do buy a camera or a phone with a good one if you want to ace your exams. Though I must say this isn’t really an assurance (I also had one but still managed to fail my exams, lol) since anxiety is always a fiend, at least it wouldn’t give you hassles eventually. You should be spending your energy on studying, not on downloading pictures (some are even incorrect) from the internet. It could also be used in taking pictures of powerpoint presentations, lectures written on the board, fucked up faces of your friends, etc. You know, to survive, you don’t always have to be the best in everything; instincts is enough to keep you fed.

Despite my schedule that would most probably provoke anybody's inner anorexia, I really am optimistic this upcoming semester.


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    1. Hahaha I miss those days! Actually, the effect is not more of anorexia since our investments would eventually backfire by weekend.