Aging is a process we undergo when an organism's rate of cellular breakdown is faster than its building up. It is when the oxidation of cells and biological molecules speed up until everything that composes us is oxidized, until we are completely oxidized. To combat this natural process, we take in a lot of anti-oxidants, so that instead of us being oxidized, they undergo the process for us. A bunch of heroic molecules, really [. . .]

The yellow light beaconing from a minuscule spot—a lamp which is the only source of illumination inside the room quite similar to that of cheap love hotels—traces her trough-like silhouette, dented cautiously as a piece of sculpture. She leans on her side, mounting her head with her angled arm. Her apparently coalescent hair flows waywardly on her nape like that of unbridled hoofed animals. Each strand individually mirrors specks of light aimed at different directions [. . .]

She can hear her veins throb warmly in her temple. Someday, this would all be cold, like darkness—the absence of light. How could someone be afraid of something that does not exist? She thought of death and its nonexistence. Today, she will be cheating [. . .]

I slowly pressed the phone between my ear and my shoulder. My right hand clutches a magazine I have recently purchased uptown and the other one holds a red pen. It had been exactly three seconds since Lucy called when another still unknown caller rang me. I asked Lucy for the telephone number of Soairse’s favorite pizza restaurant which I am constantly forgetting because of my quiescence for weeks. Since I have not done this quite some time and I can feel that she has been stressed out with certain things these past few days, I’m thinking of surprising her with her favorite bacon and garlic pizza [. . .]