Hi there, reader! I am Mark Girasol, majoring in life at UP Visayas. As a kid, I was always that wondering and inquisitive type, so I banished all practicality and proceeded to pursue what I really love. I’m currently on the track of becoming a physician or someone that everybody trusts in critical aspects of their lives.

I love writing. Poems especially. Nothing has heightened that keen sense of creation close to what poetry has, thus far, given me. I am not always satisfied with my writing. In fact, I begin to hate them upon punctuation. I don’t know, I just think the whole thought of poetry is too banal. But it would be very ambitious to devise a new literary form.

This is basically what this blog is all about: being pummeled with the desire of extending another limb to an audience, creating, loathing it and yourself because of it, showing it to the world anyway, being wound in the web of self-understandability, forgetting, and the cycle goes on.

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